COVID-19 Precautions

Temperature checks are done for all patients, family members and staff upon entering the office. Fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, and conducting temperature checks helps us ensure that NO person with a fever enters our offices.
Social distancing measures are taken during all office interactions. The only exception is when the doctor needs to perform a physical examination. In this case, all possible precautions are used. Your doctor will always be wearing an N95 mask and gloves if an examination is required. All staff and patients are required to wear masks at all times while in our offices.
We installed plexiglass shielding in all of our offices to limit your exposure to staff members at the front desk. This allows us to keep our patients safe while continuing to deliver the best service and care. Patients are allowed only one family member, when necessary, to accompany them to their appointment.
UV light filtration systems were installed in our offices to help purify the air. UV sterilization kills infectious bacteria and viruses as the air circulates. This ensures that we are doing everything possible to stop the spread of any potential pathogens.
Sterilization of exam rooms between patient visits is a priority. We hired a designated staff member to ensure rooms are sterilized properly between every patient encounter. This allows the rest of our staff to stay focused on treating each patient, knowing that someone is working in front of and behind them to ensure cleanliness.

Telehealth appointments now are available. Our doctors can conduct initial visits, imaging review and some follow-up appointments through a telehealth platform. This helps limit any unnecessary exposure while traveling to and from our offices. In some cases, an in-person visit is required; however, telehealth appointments are offered and preferred when possible.