Post op Non-narcotic Pain Protocol

Many times pain can be controlled post operatively with over the counter pain medication. This post-operative pain protocol will allow you to manage your pain and avoid narcotic pain medication.

Take one acetaminophen arthritis (this is an 8-hour, 650 mg medication, this is generic for Tylenol) along with the Motrin 800mg, on the morning of surgery, with a minimum sip of water. You should take acetaminophen arthritis, not regular Tylenol or Extra-strength Tylenol, because acetaminophen arthritis is a long-acting (8 hours) form of Tylenol.

You should also take your usual medications. Don’t worry if you have been told “Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight,” because medications are an exception. Take your usual medication with a minimum sip of water.

Take acetaminophen arthritis plus one Motrin 800mg once you get home. You should continue the acetaminophen arthritis every 8 hours and the Motrin 800mg every 8 hours (or Motrin 600mg every 6 hours) for two or three days after the surgery; you can continue the medication for as long as five days after surgery if your hand hurts.

** Acetaminophen plus an anti-inflammatory such as Motrin is a case of 1+1=3, not 2. That is, they work together as a team to make each other stronger.
Remember, don’t substitute any other medication for the acetaminophen. It must be acetaminophen for it to work as a team with Motrin.**