DIP Pinning for Mallet Finger

Have a pin inserted across the distal interphalangeal joint to help correct mallet finger injuries.

DIP Pinning for Mallet Finger

Some patients may be unable to tolerate 8 weeks of strict splinting for mallet finger treatment. If this is the case, than they can have a pin inserted across the distal interphalangeal joint, essentially replacing the tendon back to the its proper placement on the bone. The pin will be removed after 8 weeks and the patient will regain motion in their DIP joint. This is done as a same day procedure at the hospital or in an ambulatory surgery center. Most patients will still feel more comfortable wearing a splint during this 8-week period while the pin is in place.

DRUJ Instability/Arthritis, Ulnocarpal Impaction, DIP Pinning for Mallet Finger

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