Finger mass/cyst excision

Surgically excise a mass or cyst that has become bothersome or cannot be treated conservatively.

Finger mass/cyst excision

When a mass or cyst has become bothersome or cannot be treated conservatively, it may need to be excised surgically. Depending on the size and depth of the mass, this may be done under local anesthesia. The procedure involves making an incision directly over the mass and dissecting through the surrounding tissues to remove it. Sometimes an MRI may be required for preoperative planning to assess the exact location and depth of the mass. The specimen will be sent to pathology for a definitive diagnosis. Generally, the dressing may be removed two to three days after surgery. The sutures will be removed in the office about two weeks after surgery, and your surgeon will review your pathology results at that time.

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As our patient, you will have an in-depth consultation with one of our doctors. We will create an individualized treatment plan together, tailored to your problem and lifestyle. Our doctors prefer non-invasive treatments whenever possible, including physical therapy and/or injections. If your problem ultimately does require surgery, our doctors prefer the least invasive surgical techniques possible. Our goals are the same as yours: to get you back to living your best life, pain free. 

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