Trigger finger release

The pulley is release to allow the finger tendon to glide smoothly.

Trigger finger release

If a corticosteroid injection is not successfully treating your trigger finger after two attempts, then you may be a candidate for either percutaneous trigger finger release or open trigger finger release.

Percutaneous trigger finger releases can be done in the office. The finger of interest must be reproducibly triggering so that we are able to determine whether or not the pulley is successfully released. Local anesthesia is given and a small poke hole is made in the skin. A needle is used to cut and release the pulley that the tendon is getting caught on. The finger is then tested to ensure that it is no longer getting caught. A compressive dressing is placed for the patient to wear over the next few hours. The area may be sore for a few weeks while everything heals. Hand and finger range of motion is encouraged immediately after the procedure. This is only an option for certain patients depending on the finger involved and the severity of the triggering.

The open trigger finger release may also be done under straight local anesthesia but this procedure is done at a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. It involves making a small incision at the base of your finger over the involved pulley. The pulley is cut so that your tendon will glide smoothly without getting caught. A soft dressing is placed after surgery that may be removed after 2-3 days. Stitches will be removed in the office two weeks after surgery. Hand and finger range of motion is encouraged immediately after surgery and full recovery usually takes a few weeks.

Extensor Tendon Rupture/ Laceration

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