Baker's Cyst Treatment

Baker’s cysts only require treatment if they cause pain and discomfort.

Baker's Cyst Treatment

A Baker’s cyst, also known as a popliteal cyst, is a swelling at the back of the knee caused by outpouching of the normal synovial fluid found in the knee joint. These cysts usually do not need any formal treatment, especially if they do not cause any discomfort. In some cases, a Baker’s cyst will resolve on its own. It is not uncommon for a Baker’s cyst to rupture on its own, leaving a painless bruising under the skin usually seen down at the level of the ankle. If the cyst is associated with chronic knee arthritis, your doctor may treat both the arthritis and the Baker’s cyst together conservatively with lifestyle modifications, NSAIDs and the RICE protocol (rest, ice, elevation and compression). However, if the cyst persists and is associated with pain and discomfort, your doctor may perform an ultrasound-guided aspiration to drain the cyst. A corticosteroid injection may also be given to help reduce inflammation. Sometimes draining the cyst is not a definitive treatment and these cysts often do recur. If possible, a more formal surgical approach may be indicated to completely resolve the source of the cyst (i.e. knee arthroscopy for a meniscus tear, please see “Knee Arthroscopy” under our Treatments section for more information on this).

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