Knee Arthroscopy

A surgical procedure that allows your surgeon to view the knee joint through a series of small incisions and a small camera.

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows your surgeon to view the knee joint through a series of small incisions, or “portals,” and a small camera. Specially designed arthroscopic instruments are utilized through one of these portals to assist the surgeon throughout the procedure. Common injuries treated through this arthroscopic technique are meniscus tears where the affected portion of the meniscus is either debrided or repaired (See “Meniscus Repair vs. Debridement” for more information). This surgery is regularly performed as an outpatient procedure at an ambulatory surgery center. Patients who undergo this procedure can expect two to three small incisions post-operatively, closed by a few sutures and dressed with a compressive Ace wrap. Weight bearing restrictions and immobilization of the knee may be implemented if a soft tissue repair was performed. Your surgeon will tailor your post-operative course according to the type of procedure performed. Formal physical therapy or a home exercise program may also be prescribed to ensure proper range of motion of the knee and to prevent stiffness. Most patients do very well with this minimally invasive procedure and are often able to return to most physical activities within six to eight weeks after surgery, sometimes sooner.

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