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Orthopedic Sports Medicine Wayne & Paramus, NJ

Any athlete, whether novice or professional, knows that an injury can cause huge setbacks in their training, competitive season, and even career.

Maybe you are dealing with a nagging issue of tendonitis that doesn’t allow you to push as hard as you used to or perhaps you have suffered an injury on a larger scale that has put you out of commission.

Our doctors at Modern Orthopaedics are here to offer their expertise and develop a diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back doing the things you love. Our doctors are specialists in all sports injuries related to the upper extremity, from your fingers to your shoulder.

Dr. DeNoble and Dr. Ratliff are fellowship trained upper extremity surgeons and have experience working with athletes of all kinds, from baseball players to snowboarders. Their goal is to treat your injury and understand your goals as an athlete, so you can return to your sport better than before.

Our doctors will take the time to listen to your story and understand how the injury is affecting your performance. At your initial visit to our office they will do a thorough examination of your injury. 

Our doctors are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about treating athletes and getting them back on track.

When necessary they will order x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, or additional testing to reach a definitive diagnosis.

Once they have a diagnosis they will present you with different treatment options. They want you to be involved and understand the role you have in your rehabilitation process. Whether your treatment plan involves physical therapy, immobilization, injections, surgery, or rest, our doctors will be there every step of the way.

They will follow you closely in our office to ensure you are seeing improvements and address any setbacks you may have. If they think your treatment plan needs to be adjusted along the way they will discuss that with you.

If you have been dealing with an injury that is holding you back from peak performance in your sport, contact our office for an evaluation. 

Personalized care

As our patient, you will have an in-depth consultation with one of our doctors. We will create an individualized treatment plan together, tailored to your problem and lifestyle. Our doctors prefer non-invasive treatments whenever possible, including physical therapy and/or injections. If your problem ultimately does require surgery, our doctors prefer the least invasive surgical techniques possible. Our goals are the same as yours: to get you back to living your best life, pain free. 

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