Patients deserve the best, which is why Drs. Peter DeNoble, MD, David Ratliff, MD, and Lorraine Stern, MD created Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey. Each of our doctors is a recognized board-certified expert in orthopaedic surgery and believes that a strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of excellent care.

In other words, we treat the whole person, not just the condition.

As a patient, it’s hard to know who to trust with your care. That’s why at Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey, from your first phone call until your last visit, our staff and physicians will explain everything and make your experience as easy as possible.

Our patients are family, and we always go the extra mile!

Had a great staff dinner with our outstanding Modern Orthopaedics team at @biagios_ristorante. We get so many compliments and raves about our awesome staff. It’s great to spend time together outside of the office with the caring people that together make our practice so amazing.

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Thursday morning office hours - brought to you by caffeine!! 🤣


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Here’s another safe avocado cutting technique - the spoon version! 🥑

During this past two weeks in my office, I’ve already seen four avocado hand injuries, 3 of which had nerve injuries! 😳😩

The “removing the pit” part is the most common step where your knife can slip off the pit and end up impaling the hand holding the avocado!! 🔪 🩸
Hope this helps. Stay vigilant out there 🙂


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Office injections don’t have to be anything to fear.

Here’s an example of how quick and easy they can be. This injection is for arthritis at the base of the thumb.
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ORTHO FEARS vs FACTS! - Suture Removal

Have sutures after surgery? If you’ve been told they’ll need to be removed in the office, no need to worry!

Depending on the type of case, l’ll use either absorbable sutures (ones that dissolve on their own), or i’ll use non-absorbable sutures that have to be removed. I often use stronger non-absorbable sutures in cases where I want early motion of the hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulder after surgery. They also usually create less irritation of the skin.

Just know that if you need your sutures to be removed, it’s a total breeze and not painful! Check it out!


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Music: Moon Bay
Musician: Dural

When your kids pop into the office after a long day of patients! 🤣

Btw, what’s “Flamin Hot”??


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“Avocado Hand”!
Cooking and food prep is a little different when looked at from a hand surgeon’s perspective. We see a lot of different hand injuries and one common hand laceration is the dreaded “avocado hand”. This sends thousands of people to the ER every year. Cutting an avocado in the palm of your hand puts vital structures at risk. Always try to avoid cutting towards your hand and fingers. See the repair of a digital nerve from this injury at @modernorthointheor.
#avocadohand #fingerlaceration

@djlisi is fully recovered from his shoulder injury & surgery, and is already back on the slopes! Thx for the awesome video, my man!

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing my patients back to doing what they love... and quickly!!

This is the Modern Way.

@peterdenoblemd @modernorthointheor

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