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Patients deserve the best, which is why Drs. Peter DeNoble, MD, David Ratliff, MD, and Lorraine Stern, MD created Modern Orthopedics of New Jersey.

If you are searching for an orthopedic doctor in Wayne, each of our doctors is a recognized board-certified expert in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. We believe that a strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of excellent care.

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Peter DeNoble, MD, FAAOS

Hand, Wrist, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon

Meet Dr. DeNoble

Dr. Peter Denoble, MD, FAAOS specializes in Hand, Wrist, Shoulder, and Elbow Surgery. Dr. DeNoble is the Founder of Modern Orthopedics of NJ and is the Creator and Host of the of the Beyond The Bones Podcast.

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David Ratliff, MD, FAAOS

Hand, Wrist, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon

Meet Dr. Ratliff

Dr. Ratliff specializes in Hand, Wrist, Shoulder, and Elbow Surgery. Learn more about specialties, training and treatment philosphy by visiting Dr. Ratliff's full profile page.

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Lorraine Stern, MD, FAAOS


Meet Dr. Stern

Dr. Lorraine Stern specializes in state-of-the-art advanced robotic surgery for the hip and knee replacments. Learn more about specialties, training and treatment philosphy by visiting Dr. Stern's full profile page.

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Alejandro Morales-Restrepo, MD

Hand, Wrist, Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon

Meet Dr. Morales-Restrepo

Dr. Alejandro Morales-Restrepo specializes in: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, & Hand. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and is our newset edition to the Team.

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Year after year, we are recognized by our colleagues as top orthopedic surgeons in New Jersey.

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There’s so much to see and do in Wayne, NJ, from the sights along the Tourne Park Trail to skating at the Ice Vault Arena. But if you’re dealing with a sports injury, chronic pain, or arthritis, it could be difficult to truly enjoy your time.

Our award-winning sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons in Wayne are experts in the area of sports medicine and can help patients with bone, joint and muscle injuries. At Modern Orthopedics, we’re here to guide you through each part of your recovery, from answering any questions you might have about orthopedic surgery to billing your insurance. It’s our mission to give you the best possible experience.

We specialize in the following conditions and orthopedic treatments:

Shoulder Treatment

Are you feeling pain in your shoulder area? Our doctors have the experience and advanced training to offer surgical and non-surgical treatments for the shoulder. Common conditions we treat include Labral Tears, Instability, and Rotator Cuff Tears.

Hand / Wrist Treatment

Repetitive motions often cause hand and wrist conditions. Whether you’re dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Thumb Arthritis, we can help. Our doctors will examine you during your initial evaluation and find an ideal hand treatment option for you.

Joint Replacement

Dr. Lorraine Stern offers advanced hip and knee replacement technology using state-of-the-art Mako Robotic Surgical System. Schedule your evaluation today to find out if need a Total Hip Replacement or Total Knee Replacement.

Hip Treatment

Does your hip pain make it difficult to do the life activities you once loved? We specialize in treating Hip Arthritis, Strains, Bursitis, and Fractures. From wear and tear to high-impact trauma, we can identify the cause behind your discomfort and determine an orthopedic treatment to best address it.

Knee Treatment

Whether your an avid runner heading for the parks and trails in Wayne NJ, or simply experiencing discomfort, our Orthopedic Knee team can help.

Knee injuries can make almost everything more frustrating and painful. We offer orthopedic treatments for many conditions including Knee Arthritis, Patellofemoral Syndrome (runner’s knee), and Collateral Ligament Injuries.

Elbow Treatment

If you’re seeking surgical or non-surgical treatment for elbow issues, our dedicated orthopedic elbow specialists can help. We provide advanced therapies, including Radial Tunnel Release, Open Elbow Reduction, Cubital Tunnel Release, and Ulnar Nerve Transposition.

Foot / Ankle Treatment

We rely on our feet to take us where we need to go! Whether walking around the historic Dey Mansion or just the Willowbrook Mall. Restore your mobility and bring back control with our expert foot and ankle orthopedic doctors. See our available Knee and Ankle treatments

Pediatric Treatment

When a child has a bone, joint or muscle injury, their treatment is unique, given that their bodies are still growing and changing. You can trust our experienced doctors to properly diagnose and treat the issue so your child’s injury heals correctly. A few common conditions we treat include Pediatric Fractures, Elbow Fractures, and Femur Fractures.