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Clavicle Fracture

Clavicle Fracture Treatment in Wayne, Paramus, and Parsippany NJ

A clavicle fracture, often recognized as a “collar bone fracture”, is a common injury particularly in athletes like cyclists, snowboarders, and football players. Located medially connecting to the sternum and laterally linking to the scapula, the clavicle’s S-shaped structure can be vulnerable to direct trauma, such as falls.

Identifying a Clavicle Fracture

Most people with this injury experience clavicle pain and often recount a specific traumatic incident. A noticeable sign can be the skin being elevated at the fracture location, as the clavicle bone is just beneath the skin. Our specialized doctors, based in Wayne, Paramus, and Parsippany NJ, utilize plain x-rays to evaluate the type and severity of the fracture, checking for displacement, angulation, and more. Usually, further imaging is reserved for cases with suspected associated tendon or ligament damage.

Treatment Options: Non-Surgical vs. Surgical

Historically, these fractures, whether in children or adults, were treated conservatively. But recent studies indicate that surgery might offer benefits like faster recovery and reduced complications. For instance, a malunion can affect the scapula’s movement, possibly reducing arm strength and velocity.

Pediatric fractures with minimal displacement often don’t need surgery. The typical approach is using a sling for immobilization for about a month, followed by gradual motion exercises, with a full return to activities in 2-3 months.

However, surgical intervention is considered for fractures with over 15mm of shortening, full displacement, or significant fragmentation, especially in active children. Techniques using an elastic stable intramedullary nail have shown promising results.

Surgical Techniques

There are two primary surgical methods:

Plate and Screws: This involves placing a plate atop the bone, secured with screws. It necessitates a larger incision and might require muscle stripping. Some patients might feel the plate post-surgery, and there’s a chance of needing a second surgery for plate removal.

Clavicle Nail: Suited for select fractures, this nail is inserted within the bone. The procedure requires smaller incisions, and post-op, the hardware inside the bone isn’t usually felt. This method reduces the discomfort from straps or backpacks, and rarely requires hardware removal.

Post-surgery, our team at Modern Orthopaedics will monitor healing with periodic x-rays and may recommend physical therapy for optimal recovery.

A clavicle fracture can be a significant hurdle, especially for athletes. At Modern Orthopaedics, our mission is to ensure a full recovery. Each treatment plan is personalized, keeping in mind the unique needs of the sport and the athlete. For a detailed evaluation of any shoulder or clavicle injury, please reach out to our expert team in Wayne, Paramus, and Parsippany NJ.

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