Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a bothersome clicking or locking of the finger.

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a problem that can develop over time. There is usually no one specific cause of this disorder, however it does occur more frequently in diabetics. This pathology may cause a bothersome clicking or locking of your finger that can be painful at times and patients may not be able to straighten the finger without using assistance from your other hand. You may even feel a small painful nodule at the base of your finger. The snapping or clicking that’s felt is a result of inflammation surrounding the flexor tendon in your finger, whereas a normal tendon glides smoothly through several pulleys. When inflammation develops, the tendon may get stuck on the wrong side of the pulley and prevent you from straightening the finger.

Treatment for this condition usually begins with a corticosteroid injection. This injection has anti-inflammatory properties which should allow the inflammation surrounding the tendon to subside.  If a corticosteroid is not successful after two attempts and the issue is persisting, then you may be a candidate for surgery. Please refer to out “Procedures” section for more information on “Trigger Finger Release”.

Trigger Finger


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