Hip Fracture

Hip fractures are breaks in the upper quarter of the thigh bone (femur).

Hip Fracture

Hip fractures are breaks in the upper quarter of the thigh bone (femur) and are often seen with high impact trauma directly to the hip in younger adults or from a fall to the hip in the geriatric population or those with medical conditions that can affect the integrity of the bone (i.e. osteoporosis, cancer). Symptoms often are acute and present as severe pain to the hip and groin area with any movement and an inability to walk. Often the effected limb will appear shortened and rotated as a result. Imaging can confirm this diagnosis, and in some cases advanced imaging may be utilized to evaluate the fracture. There are three types of hip fractures and it is important for your surgeon to determine exactly which type of fracture is present as the type of treatment is determined by the type of fracture, location and fracture pattern, and patient’s medical condition. If the patient is medically stable for surgery, surgical intervention is often recommended for an optimal prognosis. Rehabilitation with physical therapy is an important aspect to the recovery process.

Hip Fracture

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