Hip Strains

Injury to the muscles that surround the hip joint.

Hip Strains

The hip joint has various muscles surrounding the joint space providing the hip with stability and motion. When one, or more than one, of the muscles is stretched beyond its limits it can become injured or torn causing pain, swelling, weakness and limited motion. Strains can range from mild to severe. Mild muscle strains can often be treated conservatively with rest, heat and anti-inflammatory medication. Moderate and severe muscle strains may require a more specified treatment course with physical therapy or a home exercise program to help strengthen the muscles that support the hip. It is rare that surgical intervention is needed when treating muscle strains. One can expect a recovery period of about 10-14 days for mild to moderate strains and longer for more severe strains. The best way to prevent muscle strains is a good stretching protocol used before and after physical activity.

Hip Strains, Hip Bursitis​

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