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Extensor Tendon Repair

Extensor Tendon Repair in Wayne, Paramus, and Parsippany NJ

The extensor tendon will likely need to be repaired to regain function and mobility.

After an extensor tendon rupture or laceration, the tendon will likely need to be repaired to regain function. The procedure should be done as close to the incident as possible to have the greatest chance of a solid repair, otherwise a tendon transfer or reconstruction may be needed. If a laceration was involved, the wound may need to be washed out and explored to avoid infection and to assess whether any nerve or vessel injuries occurred concurrently. After the tendon repair is complete, the hand will be immobilized. Further instruction will be given with regards to post-operative follow up in our office for removal of your dressing and protocol involving further immobilization, recovery and therapy. Closely following the instructions of your surgeon and therapist is critical because the tendon needs to be rehabilitated properly in order for you to regain motion and not compromise the repair. Each individual patient will have a rehab that is tailored specifically to their needs.

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Peter DeNoble, MD, FAAOS

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David Ratliff, MD, FAAOS

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David Ratliff, MD, FAAOS

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