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As a practice, we feel it’s important to keep our patients and community up to date with the latest information regarding notable updates, advice, tips, and modern approaches to orthopedic treatments.

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Drop it like it’s hot! 🔥
Paving Modern Ortho in Paramus!

#orthopedicsurgery #handsurgery #bonedoctors

End-of-Summer Paramus Building Update!

1) Framing on outside walls
2) HVAC Install
3) Rock Wool Insulation - FORMALDEHYDE FREE - **special order** (I insisted to ensure healthy air in the workplace) 🌲🌏

Much more happening in the weeks to come… the construction is hitting high gear!


Congrats to @jamietarrr for completing her summer OR/office internship with Modern Ortho! 🙌

We enjoyed having Jamie as part of our team, as she always had pleasant energy in the office and the OR, asked great questions, and helped out wherever she could… including a huge assist on social media! 😎

Best of luck in your senior year of college, and we wish you great success in the future!!

Oh, and for her last day in the OR, we did some interesting stuff! ✂️
👍 Trigger thumb release
🫴 Middle finger contracture release
💪 Ulnar nerve transposition at the elbow
🦴 ORIF (fixation) of a 4th metacarpal neck fracture, hamate fracture, and 4th and 5th carpometacarpal dislocations.🦴


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Operating Room Waste Challenge! 🗑

Fellow surgeons, is there a way for you to work with your operating room to create a more “slimmed down” pack for your smaller cases that would be more proportional and environmentally friendly??

Anyone who works in an OR knows how just about every single case performed in this country generates an entire garbage bag worth of trash (paper AND plastic)!!

There has been a number of efforts in recent years to identify this problem in the literature, but programs that effectively change behavior in large hospital systems are elusive. The fact remains that the US healthcare system generates 4 million tons of solid waste annually (2010 estimate), and between 20% and 33% of hospital waste is attributed to the OR.

Limiting this waste should also align financially with the bottom lines of operating room expenses, and hospitals in general.

Should there be federal tax incentives to promote these initiatives, just as they have done for the EV and solar industries??

I believe that waste stewardship in the OR should be paramount as we make an effort as a country and a world to be as environmentally conscious as we can be for our planet’s future.


Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey

#ORwaste #taxincentives #orthopedicsurgery #trash #environment

#MeetOurStaff Get to know our Director of Operations, Jenn! MONJ would not be the same without you. ...

Paramus office construction update!

Pouring trenches! Let’s Goooo! 💪🧱

Modern Orthopaedics of New Jersey


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#MeetOurStaff Get to know Amy, we’re so greatful for all that you do! 🦆 ...

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