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Prepetellar Kneecap Bursitis

Prepatellar (Kneecap) Bursitis Treatment and Surgery in Wayne & Paramus, NJ

Prepatellar bursitis is inflammation to the bursa, a jelly-like sac that helps cushion the kneecap.

Prepatellar bursitis is inflammation to the bursa, a jelly-like sac that helps cushion the kneecap. This is most often caused by constant kneeling, often seen in patient who are plumbers, roofers, carpet layers, etc. However, repetitive direct blows to the knee (such as seen in sports like wrestling or football) can also cause prepatellar bursitis. People with rheumatoid arthritis or gout are also at risk for developing this condition. Occasionally, this condition can be caused by a bacterial infection if there is an open wound or an insect bite over the kneecap; in these cases aggressive antibacterial treatment is required. Symptoms of prepatellar bursitis include pain, swelling and redness to the front of the knee. If an infection is present, fevers and chills may accompany these symptoms. In noninfectious cases, conservative treatment with rest, ice and NSAIDs are usually all that is necessary. If infection is suspected, your doctor may aspirate the fluid to test and confirm the diagnosis where surgical drainage may be necessary to clean out the infection if antibiotics aren’t effective. Most individuals in occupations or sports that cause repetitive stress to the knees can help prevent this condition by using kneepads and practicing activity modifications when working.

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