Cubital Tunnel Release and Ulnar Nerve Transposition

A surgical release of the ulnar nerve within the cubital tunnel.

Cubital release and ulnar nerve transposition​

A cubital tunnel release with or without ulnar nerve transposition is the surgical treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome. This may be considered if a patient has persistent symptoms and dysfunction despite conservative management. The patient’s symptoms of numbness, tingling, and sometimes weakness are a result of excess pressure on the ulnar nerve. The surgery involves decompressing the ulnar nerve from a tight tunnel of tissue that is putting pressure on the nerve. Sometimes an ulnar nerve transposition may also be done to move the nerve into a less vulnerable position. The surgery involves an incision over the inside of the elbow. The patient is generally placed in a soft dressing after surgery and recovery is usually 2-3 weeks to allow your incision to fully heal. At this point you can return to activities as tolerated. If the nerve compression was severe, the recovery of sensation may take several months to a year.

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