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Do I Need Pediatric Surgery?

Choosing a doctor to take care of your health concerns is always difficult, but when it comes to your child’s health it can be even more challenging. Modern Orthopaedics wants to help you better understand the importance of choosing an orthopedic specialist that has been trained in pediatric care.

Small, growing bones, ligaments, and muscles are different than fully matured ones and need to be treated as such. Understanding the nuances of pediatric orthopedic care is crucial to having good outcomes following an injury or issue. Your doctor needs to recognize your child’s musculoskeletal development to treat them successfully. At Modern Orthopaedics, all our doctors have been trained in pediatric care in each of their particular specialties. This helps ensure that your child will be treated differently than an adult. Our doctors will take the time to assess how each child is maturing and develop a treatment plan accordingly.

You can put your mind at ease knowing that our doctors at Modern Orthopaedics are not only specialists in their field, but also have specific pediatric training. This training has equipped them to treat all pediatric orthopedic problems from simple to the most complex.

Personalized care

As our patient, you will have an in-depth consultation with one of our doctors. We will create an individualized treatment plan together, tailored to your problem and lifestyle. Our doctors prefer non-invasive treatments whenever possible, including physical therapy and/or injections. If your problem ultimately does require surgery, our doctors prefer the least invasive surgical techniques possible. Our goals are the same as yours: to get you back to living your best life, pain free. 

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