Extensor Tendon Rupture/ Laceration

If an extensor tendon has ruptured or has been lacerated, you will be unable to actively straighten your finger.

Extensor Tendon Rupture/ Laceration

Extensor tendons run along the back of your hand and allow you to straighten your fingers. These tendons may rupture due to trauma, bone spurs or from degeneration of the tendon over time. Extensor tendons are close to the skin surface and may also be cut as result of a hand laceration. You will be unable to actively straighten your finger if the tendon has ruptured or is lacerated. In this case, our surgeons may order an MRI to visualize the tendons and determine which tendons have been disrupted and the extent of the injury. In order to regain function of your fingers you may need surgery which can consist of either a tendon repair, reconstruction or transfer. Refer to our “Procedures” page for more information on “Extensor Tendon Repair.”

Extensor Tendon Rupture/ Laceration

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