Finger Infections

Infections of the finger often require medical attention to resolve.

Finger Infections

There are a few different types of finger infections and it is important to understand the differences. Fingertip infections, also known as felons, are located at the fingertip pad. A paronychia is an infection that involves the soft tissue that surrounds the fingernail. Septic tenosynovitis of the finger is an infection of the fluid-filled sheath that surrounds the tendons.  Finger infections can be very painful and persistent. Most finger infections are due to bacteria, however fungal infections are also commonly seen. Initially these infections may be treated with oral antibiotics, or antifungal medication if a fungal infection is suspected, and warm soaks. If an abscess develops it should be drained as a more definitive treatment. If the infection persists despite drainage and antibiotics, it may be necessary to surgically irrigate and debride the infected tissue. In the case of a paronychia, removal of the nail and cut the tissue just beneath the nail(eponychium) to allow complete resolution of the infection. Similarly, septic tenosynovitis often requires an incision, drainage and irrigation of the infected tendon sheath. Our hand specialists can address this issue in our office through clinical examination, imaging, and drainage when needed. If the issue becomes surgical, it may be done as a same day procedure at a local hospital or surgery center.

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