Finger Mass/Cyst​

Finger mass/ cysts are fluid filled sacs most commonly occurring over the most distal joint of the finger. 

Finger Mass/Cyst

Cysts or soft tissue masses can develop in the fingers and usually have no specific etiology. Most soft tissue masses are painless, but there are some that can cause pain. Glomus tumors, for example, are benign but painful and very sensitive to temperature change. Some masses may grow rapidly while others may be indolent and slow growing. Our hand specialists will examine and evaluate your issue and order the necessary testing to make a diagnosis. Some ganglion cysts can be aspirated in the office, but this does not guarantee that they will not recur. Ganglion cysts have a deeper stalk that will often cause the sac to reflate even after they have been drained. The most definitive treatment of any soft tissue mass or cyst is with a complete surgical excision and also gives you the best chance to avoid recurrence of the mass. Once the mass or cyst is excised, the specimen is sent to pathology to identify the exact origin for a definitive diagnosis.

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