Flexor Tendon Rupture/Laceration

Injury to a flexor tendon of the hand results in the inability to bend the affected finger.

Flexor Tendon Rupture/Laceration

Flexor tendons of the hand are responsible for flexion (bending) of the fingers and are located on the palm side of the hand. Injury to one of these tendons creates an inability to bend the affected finger. Typically, these injuries occur due to deep cuts (lacerations) or if the tendons are place under high tension and rupture. Symptoms associated with this injury include the inability to bend one or more joints of the finger, pain when the finger is bent, tenderness to the tendon when pressure is applied, and if the tendon was lacerated, an open wound with possible numbness to the fingertip. This is easily diagnosed in the clinical setting with a thorough clinical exam. Tendons cannot heal when completely torn and often require surgery to repair the affected tendon (See “Flexor Tendon Repair” found in the Treatments section). Once repaired, a period of rest is required to allow the repaired tendon to heal. Your surgeon will than start you on a gradually progressive physical therapy regimen to slowly regain motion and function of the finger.

Flexor Tendon Rupture/Laceration

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