Phalanx Fracture

Phalanx fractures are fractures of the small bones that make up the fingers.

Phalanx Fracture

Phalanges are the small bones that make up the fingers. Each finger has a distal, middle and proximal phalanx and the thumb has a distal and proximal phalanx. Phalangeal fractures in adults most commonly involve the distal phalanx, while in children injuries to the growth plate of the small finger are most common. Regardless of the patient’s age or location of pain, this diagnosis is made by examination and x-rays. Treatment of theses fractures depends on the bone involved and the type of fracture. Attention must also be given to the rotation of the fingers that may be associated with a phalangeal fracture. There are a variety of fracture patterns and each one calls for treatment tailored to that specific type of fracture. Some fractures can be immobilized in a cast or splint, other fractures may need to be manipulated into proper alignment, and other may require surgical intervention for reduction and fixation of the fracture.

Phalanx Fracture


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