Patellofemoral Syndrome

Patellofemoral syndrome, aka “runner’s knee”, is a painful condition affecting the front of the knee.

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Patellofemoral syndrome, aka “runner’s knee”, is a painful condition to the front portion of the knee. Often this condition occurs in young adults who participate in regular activity like sports or running, but pain to the anterior portion of the knee can occur in older individuals and nonathletes as well. Usually this is caused by overuse of the knee and/or problems with the alignment of the kneecap. Pain to the front of the knee is often the most common symptom. Pain with this condition often occurs during activity, especially activity involving repeatedly bending the knee or after prolonged sitting. Your doctor will do a thorough exam to determine if this diagnosis is due to overuse or kneecap malalignment. Conservative treatment is recommended as first line therapy.  This includes the RICE protocol (rest, ice, elevation, compression), NSAIDS, and lifestyle medications and physical therapy. Sometimes arthroscopic surgery may be needed to in cases where the kneecap is misaligned. Prevention is key to avoid patellofemoral syndrome – wearing appropriate footwear when participating in activity, stretching before and after exercise, and maintaining a normal body weight to avoid stress to the knees are all effective preventative measures.

Patellofemoral Syndrome

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